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EUREX / DAX -Futures rise on Zweiwochenhoch


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones ) – In a Zweiwochenhoch the DAX futures rose in September , due on Monday afternoon at the Eurex.

Clock at 16.00 BST in the contract reached 6126.5 points, its highest level since 28 June. Toward the Future clock 16.28 is unchanged at 6102.5 points. The day’s low is now at 6066 points. been implemented to date are approximately 61,000 contracts.
As long as the DAX futures do not support below 6085 points , the contract is expected to test according to the Landesbank Baden – Wuerttemberg , the resistance Zonene at 6.122/6.129 and "in the extreme " at 6.149/6.155 points. In the latter area was the location indicators " clearly overbought "and top-end formation with subsequent downward movement is likely . Further support lying between 6044 and 6015 points.

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