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EUREX / DAX – Futures solid – U.S. data and S & P -500 drive


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – To the solid , the DAX futures show on Thursday afternoon. Surprisingly good U.S. economic data and the outbreak of the S & P 500 index from its multi-day span sideways move with the German market. The December contract on the DAX futures are up by 16.55 BST clock by 56 points to 6306 .

The daily high is so far in 6348 and the day’s low of 6193.5 points. been Implemented , around 141 200 contracts. The only driving force is probably now the S & P 500, which currently is testing its breakout level at 1150 points. " If they were to break down, it would be a bad sign , "said one trader. The FDAX would then yield strong.

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