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Euro -zone trade deficit in May, higher than expected


2010-07-16_Containerhafen_ddp LUXEMBOURG ( AP) – The trade of the euro zone in May slipped deeper into the red as expected. In trade with third countries , it recorded first estimate based on non- saisonberinigter a deficit of EUR 3.4 billion after a revised surplus of 0.3 ( provisional: plus 1.8% ) billion EUR in the previous month , as Eurostat announced on Friday . ( Reuters photo 🙂

Economists had forecast for May declined by 0.5 billion EUR.
In the same month last year , a surplus of EUR 2.2 billion had been reached . According to Eurostat , exports rose in May to 122.6 (previous month: 99.3 ) billion EUR, while imports increased to 126.0 (previous month: 97.1 ) billion EUR.
Seasonally adjusted, was recorded in May and a deficit of 3.0 billion EUR, plus EUR 0.1 billion in the previous month . Exports increased it to 123.6 (previous month : 121.6 ) billion EUR, while imports increased to 126.5 (previous month : 121.4 ) billion EUR.
For the EU -27 was found in May, according to Eurostat, a trade deficit on non -seasonally adjusted basis from 15.1 billion EUR according to a negative balance of EUR 11 billion in April and a deficit of EUR 7.0 billion in the prior month. Seasonally adjusted, a deficit of EUR 15.2 billion was registered with minus EUR 11.3 billion the previous month.

Website: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat
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