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Europe Exchanges at noon a little harder – with BP cuffs


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Thanks to favorable targets set by Wall Street , the European equity markets on Friday. " The market is currently in the tension worse economic data, forward- and rearward in good company reports , "said a dealer after it had arrived the previous day in losses. What route , the market would probably decide in the coming days.

" From a technical point of view but there are indications that it will go south. Both the S & P 500 index and the DAX and Euro Stoxx 50 index , we have reached the upper limits of the margins and it has been the Seems that it is the good quarterly numbers are not able to carry us through these levels out , "said one participant.
The Euro Stoxx 50 index rises to 12.52 clock by 0.9% or 24 points to 2727 while the Stoxx 50 index by 0.5 % or 11 points at 2467 climb to the top. expected for new impetus during the quarterly reports of the Bank of America and Citigroup take care of . Slightly higher than the estimates presented results of General Electric .
Hardly a surprise, however, are expected to announced for the afternoon, U.S. consumer prices for June to be good. You will probably like those already published on Thursday producer prices indicate that in the U.S. are currently neither inflation nor deflation especial dangers. For the movement could calculated by the University of Michigan index make the mood of U.S. consumers in July. Economists expect the average of their forecasts a decline to 75.0 from 76.0 points in the previous month. "If the cards are then reshuffled , "the market participants.
Carrefour presents ordinary numbers
The Zweitquartalszahlen of the French retail group Carrefour are noisy traders "have been noted . "Carrefour has shown good growth in emerging markets , and so exactly where Metro will also achieve it , "said one dealer. Sales of the wholesale markets in France have surpassed the expectations pinned , the analysts at Merrill Lynch . Carrefour lost 0.6% to 35.14 EUR after the stock had risen sharply since mid-July. Metro move by 0.9 % before to 44.25 EUR , while the retail sector lost 0.1%.
Energy values of BP – based success
BP is on Thursday for the first time since the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico managed to stop the flow of oil from the damaged hole. "There are just so many investors short the stock, " one participant justified the increase by 3.6 % to 416 p. "This is likely the worst lie behind the company, " analysts at Panmure Gordon to write to their customers. The oil sector is 1%.
Suppliers through planned duties in Germany and subject to
By contrast , the utilities lose 0.9%. In particular, the German industry to give values significantly. Press reports here on further tax burden measures the federal government. " According to the fuel tax now paid for long term power plant , "says a trader : "This political arbitrariness makes the fair value of the shares unpredictable . According to reports in the Süddeutsche Zeitung " will pay the provider in return for lengthening the maturity of a year 4 billion to 5 billion EUR.
Thus , the government would reap some of the gains that would arise from the term extension. In any case, will the corporations always required from the atomic term extension, the four affected supplier E. ON, come at RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall to cost significantly more than previously thought. E. ON lost 2.4% to 22.35 EUR , RWE enter by 2.6 % to 53.26 EUR .

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