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Eurozone retail sales stagnated in December


2010-02-02-Einzelhandel_ddp LUXEMBOURG (AP) – The retail sector in the euro area has been weakened in December in a single month than expected. As the statistical agency Eurostat announced on Wednesday that sales remained in the common currency area unchanged from the previous month. (Photo: ddp)

Economists had expected the other hand, with an increase of 0.4%. In November, sales in the euro zone is not dropped as much as initially reported. Eurostat revised the sales decline for November to 0.5% (provisional: minus 1.2%).
For the year as sales in the euro area were lower in December by 1.6%. Economists had forecast a deficit of 2.4%. In November, the decline was a revised full year at 2.0% (provisional: be minus 4.0%).
Across the EU, the retail sales continued in December at 0.1% less than last month and by 1.0% less than last year. For November showed a monthly minus provisionally revised to 0.5% (from minus 0.8%), compared to the previous year, sales were revised to 1.3% (down 2.1%).
In the year 2009, sales decreased by 2.3% in the euro area and EU-27 by 1.7%.

Website: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat
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