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Experts fear negative consequences of air control


D113-13-C107-P BERLIN (Dow Jones) – Experts fear negative Impact on jobs and the economy Airlines in Germany by the Federal Government planned national aviation tax. This was in an expert expert of the SPD parliamentary group on Thursday in Berlin clearly. (Photo : Lufthansa)

The aviation tax is the competitiveness of German airlines , airports , tourism operators and Travel Agents deteriorate seriously , "said Ralf Teckentrup , President the Federation of German Airlines ( BDF ). The expected additional revenue from aviation duty by a Billion EUR in sales tax revenue losses stood by less tickets sold forward . The income tax would decrease because of the Lower profits for airports , airlines , travel agencies and Tourism businesses. In addition, there will be less Social security contributions as a result of job losses and higher Expenditure for the Agency for work to give .
Ecologically , the tax is absurd and counterproductive. Presumably people would be induced in future long Trips to foreign airports to be accepted to the German Air traffic control to escape. The example of the Netherlands has also shown that an aviation tax, the island as a national solution was introduced , in particular to a flight of foreign passengers and thus leads to a loss of traffic and value , "said Teckentrup.
The tax comes to the worst possible time , "said Karl -Ulrich Garnadt , member of the Board of the German – Passage Lufthansa AG. The financial crisis has put an abrupt double-digit Price collapse led . Added to " ash would damage " in the hundreds Million range, which reached only at the Lufthansa 200 million EUR. " We just find ourselves in a lengthy process to a to reach nearly cost recovery prices , "said Garnadt . These efforts would be destroyed by such a tax. Even in good years, deserve the air less than 10 EUR per passenger, in 2009 not a single . The proposed levy is projected in the air Bill from 13 EUR and 26 EUR.
The charge was completely disproportionate in relation to the Company said revenue , including Joachim Hunold, Chief Executive Officer Air Berlin. The tax would lead to distortions of competition , even between German Airlines. The non – inclusion of freight lead to a massive distortion of competition. Moreover, one would Liberation of the ecological conditions of such freight Tax objection.
"Overall, the air traffic location is heavily damaged , " said Klophaus of the University of Worms. For Germany had his investigation revealed that as a result of a national Aviation tax revenue losses of up to EUR 1.5 billion annually were expected . The associated value loss is likely to amount to EUR 1.1 billion. "The revenue losses and the Value loss are thus already larger than the expected Federal tax revenue , "said Klophaus .

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