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Facebook bends Pakistan and Bangladesh


Demonstranten in Islamabad demonstrieren am Samstag gegen eine Facebook-Gruppe, die zum Zeichnen von Mohammed aufrief. Quelle: ap

Demonstrators in Islamabad on Saturday to demonstrate against a Facebook group, which called for drawing Muhammad. Source: AP

HB LAHORE / DHAKA. Facebook has removed the "sacrilegious content" and apologized, a representative of the Ministry of Information Technology said on Monday. Access to Wikipedia was blocked in Pakistan two weeks ago.

Because of the publication of controversial cartoons of Mohammed in Pakistan and Bangladesh had blocked the site. The website of the contact network contained "objectionable" content on the Prophet and the leaders of the country, a representative of the competent supervisory authority on Sunday justified the decision.

In the capital Dhaka last week, thousands of Muslims demonstrated against it considers blasphemous content on Facebook. The "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" (All-draw-Mohammed-day) had called for uploading images of the Prophet.

Many Muslims regard any image of their religious founder as an insult. In mid-May had had a Pakistani court to block Facebook page, because on it a Mohammed drawing contest was planned.