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Facebook moves the fight against right


DÜSSELDORF. About 20 large and small networks, including the VZ-network group, MySpace, who-knows-who and Google, have joined in the campaign "Network against Nazis". The campaign was pushed by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, the information portal www.netz versus nazis.de operates, as well as the weekly newspaper Die Zeit.

But on the list of supporters lack the largest international network Facebook. A spokesman for the U.S. company welcomed the initiative, but wanted to support the time being. "We look forward to cooperation in the future. Currently, our company is in Germany but under construction."

This suggests the company may in the future to move away from its previous stance. In a confrontation with the U.S. blog Techcrunch had a Facebook spokesperson in May 2009, yet argues differently and said that the agency (not banned in the U.S.) denial of the Holocaust did not violate the terms and conditions of Facebook dar.

Anti-NPD page deleted temporarily

Something unfortunate for Facebook is that just in these days makes the deletion of the Facebook page of an anti-NPD blogs for vertebrae. According to information the IT news portal Golem.de Was it when the deletion is not an oversight. Relying on Facebook-related stakeholders, it is, the page was deleted because of the expression of users who had incited hatred and violence.

Facebook denies that and called a technical mistake. "The relevant page was accidentally disabled by a technical problem and is now back online," a Facebook spokesman said on request.

It is striking, however, that it is not the first alleged accidental deletion of a Facebook page is: In June this year, the Facebook page of BP-critical activists temporarily disabled. The Administrator "Boycott BP, Lee Perkins believed, then not a mistake, as he Golem.de at the time said.

NPD sites online still

The journalist Patrick Gensing, who runs the anti-NPD blog and the related Facebook page, is skeptical. "I can not explain how a technical problem could have caused the shutdown," he said in an interview with Handelsblatt online. "If it is, for example, an automated program that scans for certain search words, the question would be why NPD official sites are still online on Facebook.

That would have caused the shutdown hateful comments, Gensing can not understand well. "I have looked through the comments. The site is generally very little comment, and none of the comments I could find a particularly aggressive language."

Meanwhile, the Facebook page of the Anti-NPD-blog is completely restored, as Gensing confirmed. Also on his administrative rights, he can again. Remarkably Gensing finds but also the transparency of Facebook in Germany, the disclosure of the case. Finally, there could anyone on Facebook in this country, to which German users contact directly with such incidents.