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Fair ‘s success can be measured


Messestand von Günzburger Steigetechnik: Der bayerische Mittelständler hat schon einige größere Geschäftsabschlüsse bei Messen eingefädelt.

Booth Günzburger platforms technology : the Bavarian SMEs has been threaded in some larger business at trade shows.

STUTTGART . Those looking for new customers is often at trade shows. And has it spoiled for choice : there this year alone in Germany a total of 331 trade fairs. But which ones are business really worth the effort?

If you ask the organizers, is worth almost any fair: "The vast majority of the participants was the way the show very satisfied or satisfied , "according to almost unanimous in press releases shortly after the conclusion of the exhibition. But the reality is often different. Poorly attended fairs or inappropriate facilities may spoil the company ‘s mood and make the presentation a costly flop.

Good planning of their own trade show , while providing a lot of work bending but of failure . Not least among the decision of what and how many visitors per year should be an average medium -sized companies achieve at all . "This is quite different, " the marketing consultant and fair coach Thomas says Strong . " Even small companies four to five fairs a year can push if the preparation is right. "

Before the actual state planning , a company must ask yourself : Am I sure want to address the target group I ? Is it more like customer contacts, or do I want to invite decision makers in the company specifically ? "We only go to trade shows make where visitors the purchasing decisions – consumer shows do not interest us , " say it often.

The fair as a meeting place

Others choose rather than the number of existing customers who have registered for the fair , according to the motto : If our current customers are not interested in this show , we meet there, probably no new ones that fit us .

High on the popularity scale are among companies trade fairs and congresses. "Above all, the fairs that have international importance and where the industry meets , are important to us, " says about Bettina Sauter the Bavarian medium -sized enterprises Günzburger Access technology . "Often , the contracts pave will directly at the booth, because the visitors a comprehensive insight and immediately to receive personal advice. " Only recently, Günzburger access technology secured at a trade show a large contract from Airline Emirates .

Our own approach is the possibility to the test. Because also applies to shows: Nothing is as constant as change. "We were a long represented time on a specific exhibition , which has developed over the years in a certain direction – and eventually adjusted our products not just to host the fair, " says Bettina Sauter. "In such a case, you must then speak with the organizers a few open words and say in doubt : So us this show brings nothing more, then we will pull from this event back given. "

Pitfalls lurking almost everywhere. They should companies clarify such early, to be expanded in that region. At trade fairs in Munich often is a large part of the audience from Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Who wants to offer a service that can not be transferred to the foreign country, wasted the trade show also a lot of time and money.

Similarly , it looks like when you book of pure competitive spirit his stand . " take part Only for image reasons in a trade fair , companies today costs far too much money and personnel, " says Tobias Aichele by the Swabian wind turbine manufacturer Wind kingdom. His company has , therefore, analyzes the recent trade shows intense and defined a new strategy.

" There are always trade shows at which prominent speakers and participants were promised and then dived not . This shows we are no longer book , "says Aichele. Instead, the group now wants to grow his pound : In Windreich Board sits Walter Döring, former Economics Minister of Baden – Württemberg , which is considered clever speaker . " shall We have something to say and we want to politicians – that’s why we only go to the fairs, which can us give also speech time , for example, in panel discussion, " says Aichele.

The conclusion of the exhibitors and consultants is unanimous : the presence at the right fair is always worthwhile. But first be must much researched , prepared and provided. " A fair is always real work that can not Wupper in two weeks, " consultant says Strong .

Tenbieg : " Do not put all eggs in one basket "

Through trade fairs and exhibitions , companies can connect directly with customers in contact. Marc S. Tenbieg , Chairman of the Advisory Board of the German middle-class League (DMB ), has explained to Handelsblatt employee Anette Kiefer, should look out for you .

Handelsblatt: What kind of companies worth it fair?

Marc S. Tenbieg : In principle, measuring for any company interesting. There are good and less good shows , especially since the show success ‘s depends on many factors, including the product offering , market , customer group or budget. In addition, a single trade fair will not be able to boost the complete annual sales. That is, we need to invest properly and farsighted.

HB: What mistake you should this avoid possible ?

Tenbieg : Trade shows are not a panacea for an otherwise neglected marketing or for their own sales. One should not put all eggs in one basket , but needs to build an individually appropriate marketing and sales mix . In many cases, budgets are used incorrectly , fair success misjudged , the time required before, during and underestimated exhibiting.

HB : Offer is for medium- sized companies rather large or small trade shows ?

Tenbieg : Whether fairs are large or small, says of the exhibition success rather little. Rather, one should ask whether a national or regional or a general or specialized exhibition fit their own company best. Must also fit the catchment area of visitors to its own sales strategy and to the addressed customer target group , all the rest would be lost sales efforts.

HB : Where can I get advice as a company?

Tenbieg : In the exhibition environment , there are many consultants, pursue but may also their own interests, for example, advertising agencies , trade fair operator , stand builders . A Chamber of Commerce or HWK can be largely neutral contact type including information about trade fairs or information sessions in their own board district . The same applies to regional branch networks, which offer depending on the state excellent events. Or: Just before it by myself the fair as visitors seek to form an opinion.