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Shinichi Sasaki: Die Angriffe auf den Automanager reißen derzeit 
nicht ab. Quelle: Reuters

Shinichi Sasaki: The attacks on the auto tear off is not currently Manager. Source: Reuters

TOKYO. Even in the worst crisis the company’s history Shinichi Sasaki occurs with the usual concentration and presence. But the slight arrogance is gone, the manager says the car otherwise the quality of the products of his house. No wonder, since the attacks on him do not stop. Yesterday, the Vice-President and the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer’s quality control manager in Tokyo before the press came after he had been summoned to report to the Minister for Transport.

Because in Japan calculated the brakes of the Prius hybrid cars are said to have suspended. In the car environment is the pride of Toyota. "This is also a question of feeling," Sasaki justify the behavior of the Prius on uneven roads. "Our customers are at a particular Toyota-Used brake feel, and if there is something different, then that’s bad. "That sounds like an excuse, and finally the Department of Transportation investigated because of one rear-end collision on a faltering brakes Prius. Within two months 17 customer complaints were received in the same case, an exceptionally high figure

But the potentially defective brakes are just the latest in a long chain of Toyota-Margins. Approximately eight million cars has recalled the world leader in the workshops, because the danger is that they unwittingly accelerate due clawing accelerators. The total estimated Toyota the equivalent of 1.3 billion euros. Above all, the image loss is enormous. In the United States cast the media Toyota sloppy work and cover-ups before – of all things Toyota. What went wrong in Sasaki’s responsible?

Until recently, there was about his work but good to report. Toyota cut into the margins statistics very well. The company grew to become the world admired industry leaders. "We have rapidly expanded, yes. But we have also worked hard to ensure the highest world standards," said Sasaki three years ago, the Handelsblatt.

Sasaki does not have to be directly blamed, since to have become sloppy. "The company needs to improve its quality every day," he said at the time, and meant it. Despite the margin next series, he believes in the quality of its products. He did not dare say it openly, but his opinion shine through: that Toyota unjustly under fire is so strong that the cars are still at least as good as those of the competition. Sasaki holds the thing with the current recall also completed.

Whether it is so easy? The course for good or bad quality is a company in a very fundamental level – and Sasaki knows that he sees the key to good quality in the training of staff. Unfortunately for him, that he can not send the workers of all suppliers by the company’s own program. Under his aegis have emerged worldwide training centers. They also form an assembly line worker far beyond the usual proportion.

A love of care, which also represents Sasaki. CEO Akio Toyoda has made him so in the past year to one of five vice-presidents. Sasaki is a credible manager. He exudes solidity, listens carefully, thinks quickly. No wonder that when he Toyota made on the key position has. Now his image, given the risk margins Series loss to take.

As director of the ToyotaSasaki Vocational School was once a budding mechanics along the way: "When times but then something is wrong with one of our cars were true, then trust the client insists that it helps him with reliable repairs." Sasaki had not then probably thinking of the magnitude of annual production, which he must infiltrate in the coming weeks through the workshops.