Home News "FDP is in Tippelschritten in reality"

"FDP is in Tippelschritten in reality"


Die FDP will mit Steuererhöhungen punkten.  Quelle: dpa

The FDP wants to score points with tax increases. Source: AP

DÜSSELDORF. "They are completely new sounds of the tax rebate-party FDP," said the vice chairman of the SPD-Left in the Bundestag, Carsten Sieling, on Tuesday Handelsblatt Online. For a serious and credible strategic realignment, the Liberals would obviously, in a first step, say goodbye to their billion-dollar anti-social campaign gift for the hoteliers. The FDP instead try to give an increase in the capital gains tax, "a social touch".

"If the FDP is serious, then they really comparable wealthy and millionaires with raising the inheritance tax on an international level and with the restoration of the property tax proportionate to participate in the financing of the common good," demanded Sieling. "Otherwise, the FDP is and remains one of the better-party clients."

The fiscal policy spokesman of the Greens parliamentary group, Gerhard Schick, spoke of a half-hearted correction in the FDP-tax policy. "Only in the FDP Tippelschritten approaches to the social and fiscal reality in Germany," said Schick Handelsblatt Online. First, the Liberals were gradually reduced to their planned discharge volume of 35 billion euros to zero, now they thought to first on tax increases. The FDP grab it but "conceptually and in the rise to short," criticized the Green Party politician. Increasing the capital gains tax is indeed a right step. "Would be necessary, however, to correct the special treatment of capital gains, which introduced the grand coalition with the flat tax," said Schick. "For the expected simplification has not been brought, but an unjustified unequal treatment of different types of income."

As Schick said, earnings are subject to the linear-progressive rate, capital gains generally a fixed rate of 25 percent. A higher tax rate but still more people than previously assessed, because their marginal tax rate was below the rate of capital gains tax. "This will be the final withholding tax for the privilege of capital income earners," warned the Green Party financial expert. Send therefore advised in the raising of capital gains tax for the uniform taxation of labor and capital income return. "Also, the additional revenue that is achieved by increasing the capital gains are not sufficient to close the gap between normal-grown strongly and top earners in Germany," he added. "What is needed therefore, further steps in the direction of the FDP fiscal reality."

The new FDP strategy includes information for the Handelsblatt also contribute to the austerity of the wealthy. Thus the party of FDP-budget experts Otto Fricke let durchrechnen currently increasing the capital gains tax. Investment income from savings bonds, bond funds or stock transactions will therefore will no longer be 25 percent, but taxed a flat rate up to 30 percent. This tax makes the tax authorities are currently around ten billion euros. After an increase, it should be about two billion euros more, it said.