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Ferrero talks with Blackstone about Hershey and Cadbury – Circles


MILAN (Dow Jones) – Italian chocolate maker Ferrero talks with the U.S. over a competitor, Hershey possible bid for the UK Cadbury confectionery manufacturers. One could quote as early as 23 January be published, said people familiar with the matter on Thursday. Moreover, the Italians have examined a combined offer with the investment company Blackstone.
The meeting will be between all parties involved continued, and negotiations are underway, "said the Informants. In December, the talks were the two Chocolate makers intensified. "Ferrero, and Hershey to speak as before each other ", it is now. The whole deal, but was rather complicated. The end of 2009 the two companies had in the matter, various Private equity firms contacted.
Ferrero would submit an offer without an industrial partner, reads from an informant. Market observers believe that the Manufacturers of Ferrero Rocher and Nutella, the financial resources possession to help Hershey in a possible bid. The company currently has a bid on Cadbury would Cash of more than EUR 2 billion offer. Consultants Ferrero, the Informant continued, would the share of the group in a bid to see over 5 billion euros.