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Fraport and Lufthansa Cargo to better cope with future crises


CDV-21_RGB_K_JPG FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – Germany-based logistics and mobility service provider to prepare themselves better to crisis and even more quickly to changing conditions . (Photo : Fraport)

"In the future we will see each morning , as the current situation in our company, and then decide anew how to do it , "said Peter Gerber , Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG, in Frankfurt on Friday during the conference "Logistics & Mobility ".
The Board anticipates that there will be other crises in the future . That’s why he wants to work in his company in many areas for more flexibility. The assessment of Lufthansa Cargo shall notify the airport operator Fraport. " highs and lows will affect the future because of the global network even stronger, " said Chief Executive Officer Stefan Schulte. For this reason, he is counting on several pillars in the group.
Fraport has already been areas such as real estate and retail, do not depend so directly to economic cycles as the passenger and cargo traffic , "said the CEO. In order to still be current crisis situation , if these business areas are expanded. The airport board warned with regard to infrastructure bottlenecks before not to miss the connection to the world. "A sophisticated German economy in need of freight and passage of an excellent connection to the world, " said Schulte. This , however, there was not yet in many areas.
The international division of labor will continue in his opinion further and make the logistics of new challenges. At present the greatest potential lies in the intelligent networking of transport, said the CEO. This could include improved IT processes contribute much.

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