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Gaza activists will not give up


HB ISTANBUL. In spite of the bloody military operation against international convoy will soon take on new supply vessels heading for the Gaza Strip. This was announced by the Muslim-Turkish aid organization IHH on Thursday. "We keep going until the embargo is lifted," the IHH President Bülent-Yildrim said in Istanbul. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called on Israel to lift blockade of the Palestinian territory immediately. It is "counterproductive, unsustainable and wrong," Ban said in New York. Nearly 500 of the activists detained in Israel were flown to Turkey and to Greece.

Turkish planes brought 466 the freedmen – including six German – to Istanbul. On board were also the bodies of nine in the incident on Monday killed men. In Athens, arrived in the night 35 freed Gaza activists. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) confirmed the release of the Germans. Five Germans stayed in Istanbul, Westerwelle said on Thursday. The Israeli case against the use of the auxiliary fleet wounded German was brought to a hospital in Ankara.

Westerwelle called for a transparent and independent investigation of the incident. In contrast, the Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke against an international investigation of the bloody storming of the Gaza "solidarity fleet. "We are adult enough to cope with these themselves," said the ultra-right ministers.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that against the leaders of the Israeli attack on Gaza Fleet Auxiliary criminal complaint was furnished. "We will not be based on itself," Erdogan said on Thursday. The nine were the Israeli attack on Gaza auxiliary fleet killed men now identified. Eight of them come from Turkey, one is of Turkish-US citizens.

While the U.S. government, according to a leading official of the blockade of the Gaza Strip as "untenable" assesses underscored U.S. Vice President Joe Biden the right of Israel to supply vessels for possible weapons and other illicit goods to verify. Finally, Israel is "at war" with the radical Islamic Palestinian organization Hamas.

In Gaza, Hamas refused to accept the cargo, which Israel had from the ships of the "Solidarity fleet unloaded and loaded on trucks. Several trucks carrying medicines, food, wheelchairs and children’s toys were waiting at the border crossing Kerem Shalom on Thursday between Israel and the Palestinian territory on clearance. Meanwhile, imports from Egypt more trucks carrying relief supplies into the Gaza Strip, after President Hosni Mubarak since 2007, the closed border crossing last Tuesday left open for aid.

Israel announced to return the deported activists soon all recovered personal effects. Some freedmen had reported that they had been deported without passports, money and their luggage from Israel. The Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said: "When you begin your in a war zone, you must be prepared to some risks. I do not understand why they are upset now, "said Palmor.

One of the activists in the Gaza "solidarity fleet" is desired in an interview before the bloody raid by the Israeli navy a martyr. The Israeli army, published on Thursday on the video sharing website YouTube, the utterances of the man. "When I first convoy in which it was, I wanted to be a shahid (martyr), but I did not have the luck," said the man with closely cropped hair, which is, according to the army by an activist of the Gaza Fleet acted. Even the second time it did not work out. "The third time I have with God’s help, good luck and be martyrs."