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German bank loses strong


An der Börse ist die Deutsche Bank heute der große Verlierer der Branche. Quelle: ap

On the stock market , the German bank is now the big loser in the industry. Source: AP

HB FRANKFURT. Investors have the publication of the shares of the stress tests Deutsche Bank sold. Bucking the trend , the title fell on Monday by up to almost three percent to 48.28 euros, but then recovered slightly to a decline of 1.3 percent.

Overall, most bank stocks were significantly positive. Commerzbank increased by nearly two percent. The Stoxx sector index had a good to a percent. In particular, the French banks – Societe Generale and BNP Paribas pulled – at around three percent .

"Some are unhappy because the German Bank their government bond portfolio would not publish the details , "said one dealer. "helps not just the "added another.

The German Bank pointed out that its board Hugo Bänziger have already called the numbers in June . This show , with the exception of Italy a vanishingly low involvement in the highly indebted countries on the edge of Europe. A spokesperson indicated that the bank would comment on Tuesday with the quarterly figures on their current commitment. Besides the two listed institutions also had the co- lead institutions DZ and WGZ Bank , Landesbank Berlin and failed Hypo Real Estate named no details of the government bonds.

Secretary General of the Committee of Banking Supervisors , Arnoud Vossen, the refusal of the six institutions met yet to dislike. " We agreed with all regulators and with the participating banks, the State Bank for banking risks were published , "said Vossen the Financial Times. The report shows that he wants to speak with regulators in Germany about the case.

In addition, some investors feared that the German Bank, on Tuesday released its interim result ultimately in a crisis for the not-too- good performance of the future Postbankwould underwrite – daughter. PostbankWhich are listed in the MDAX rose , with the market at times by over two percent, but crumbled in the course somewhat.

In Bonn, we see no additional action is needed. "The Postbank is proved by the existence of the stress tests that focused on retail business model robust enough to withstand greater loads can be , "said chief executive Stefan Jütte . He also affirmed the bank will expand its capital base and reduce risk .

In fact, when Bonn is likely that previously got along without state aid, prepare the relatively poor showing rather less headaches. The reason is replaced by : Over the savings of its nearly 14 million customers Postbank sufficient liquidity and thus can dispense with the capital market. Other firms which have strong refinance on the issue of bonds, not in that position , however . For them we could narrow the existence of the stress tests strengthen the skepticism of investors even more .

For the German banking sector stress testing raises equal to a whole series of questions. While the local 14 test items patzte only the HRE. "These are not results, on which you can be proud of, " complains about analyst Konrad Becker of Merck Finck. NordLB and Postbank had in the two crisis scenarios be identified as core capital ratios of less than seven percent – the bar , to exist , stood at six percent.