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German Telekom is building middle-class service and sales to



BONN (Dow Jones ) – The German Telekom AG restructured its middle-class service and sales as well as the regional inventory of their IT in Germany again. The aim, in the highly competitive market to become more competitive , said the Bonn DAX Group on Wednesday.

This required an adjustment of the outdated , small-scale surface structure. The German Telekom will indeed guarantee each of its employees for a job, but many workers have to change their place of employment by 2012.
Affected are the group , according to the service and distribution 3640 of the 6850 employees in the IT 1,500 of 2,800 people. For the unions , the project meets with resistance. According to Telekom, the company could in months of negotiations with the social partners do not agree on a common result.
In the next few years, the telecom company to build nationwide nine sales and service centers , and additional 28 sales offices. At the same time he was leading up his IT team in five IT innovation centers.
After the plans are to service and sales for the German middle class more closely linked to each other and the proximity to customers in the sales field to be strengthened. For this modernization drive , the company has provided 45 million EUR . In addition , Deutsche Telekom is investing in this area alone in the next year, 4 million EUR in a training program for its employees. In the IT business start Telekom a 10 million EUR serious education campaign.

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