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Germany buys from cable networks Primacom


HB FRANKFURT. Cable Germany expanded its cable TV network. The ailing rival Primacom sold its 70 000 customers at its headquarters in Mainz and Osnabrück to the market leader, as both companies said Tuesday. The price is expressed Cable Germany (KDG) is not.

Primacom said that they wanted to focus on eastern Germany, where most of the approximately one million cable, telephone and Internet customers. Mainz and Osnabrück were now islands in the distribution area of KDG, which had been delivered here, the TV signal.

The company from Unterföhring speculated for some time would be on parts of the smaller rival, after a full takeover on competition grounds but question marks. KDG was acquired in 2008 by the former Primacom mother Orion Cable has 1.1 million customers who live scattered in Germany.

The financial difficulties of Primacom and Tele Columbus stir up the expectation of consolidation among cable operators in Germany. The operational business of Primacom was after the bankruptcy in the summer was transferred to a trustee. Kabel Baden-Wuerttemberg sources said will be sold next year or placed on the stock exchange.