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Gerresheimer based production site in Brazil


FRANKFURT (Dow Jones) – The manufacturer of glass and Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging in Brazil has a new site for medical plastic systems established. The work should in the spring Go into operation in 2010, the MDAX-listed company said on Monday. There are based on a long-term cooperation agreement with the Danish insulin producer Novo Nordisk components for Insulin pen systems are manufactured for diabetics.
Novo Nordisk in Brazil enjoys a large Insulin work locally in the future of the new technology, location of Gerresheimer Group should be supplied. For in Dusseldorf Gerresheimer AG was established that the fourth manufacturing facility in South America. In addition, there were already two plants for standardized pharmaceutical plastic packaging in Brazil and one in Argentina.
Insulin pens allow diabetics, the regularly required dose of insulin safe and virtually painless even to inject. Novo Nordisk is the world’s information, the leading insulin producer.