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GM manager Reilly to be new Opel Managing Director


General Motors increased its influence on Opel: According to consistent reports of the U.S. group chooses Nick Reilly as Chief of the German subsidiary. Hans Demant, therefore, must step aside. Opel stated in this context does not, Reilly writes in his blog that he will move from Shanghai to Germany.

Frankfurt / Rüsselsheim – Nick Reilly is consistent reports the Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung "and the news agency said APD new Opel boss. The GM manager who is already responsible for the European operations of parent company General Motors (GM) should, replacing Hans Demant, the newspaper reports on Friday in its online edition, citing supervisory circuits.

The Personnel shows how important the GM management attaches to its European subsidiary. Because in professionals Reilly was until now always second as a secret man – and as one of the best people for difficult tasks.

Reilly that his mission was not entirely unprepared takes up, he had already hinted in late December in an interview with the Financial Times. Apart from the upcoming short-term remediation steps, he had described in some detail how he intends to establish Opel for the future. He announced a product on the offensive with which to renew the company over the next three years 80 percent of its fleet. This also includes a small car that is currently missing in the model program. Or open up new markets in Russia, South America, the Middle East or the various regions in Asia.

The former Opel boss is adamant since 2004 at the head of the Rüsselsheim automaker. Presumably, the decision was taken to his replacement at the meeting of the supervisory body on Friday, according to the report. Unclear is whether Demant only give the top-post, or whether the 59 years old engineer leave the company entirely.

When Opel first no one wanted to comment on the report. Reilly confirmed in his Internet blog, only that he will move from Shanghai to Germany, "to assist with the realignment of Opel / Vauxhall.

Demant that will lead the new company is no longer expected, was known as early as November. Works council chief Klaus Franz had said Thursday that the Opel’s supervisory board next week Friday (15.1 am.) Are presenting new management.

Reilly joins Opel’s workers on drastic cutbacks

For the Opel employee reports of an imminent change of leader might have a bitter aftertaste. Reilly is regarded as tough restructuring specialist – and he is attuned to employees on Friday on hard cuts. The company must quickly reduce its capacity, he said in his blog. To employees profound changes were coming.

Across Europe the carmaker intends to cut up to 9,000 jobs, a large part of them in Germany. "This is a harsh reality," said Reilly.

Continue Reilly said that it will assist the rebuilding of Opel’s new management team. That he would soon introduce. The new leadership should promote Opel also in the design and quality of the cars, said Reilly. Opel would imagine 2010, seven new products. Previously, the manager will attend the Auto Show in Detroit.