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Google thought Microsoft behind allegations


Google ist die mit Abstand größte Suchmaschine der Welt. Einige Firmen in den USA beschweren sich über angebliche Manipulationen beim Ranking der Suchergebnisse. Quelle: dpa

Google is by far the largest search engine in the world. Some companies in the U.S. complain about alleged manipulations in the ranking of search results. Source: AP

HB MOUNTAIN VIEW / SAN FRANCISCO . The business practices of U.S. internet giants Google employ the Attorney General of Texas. Competitors of the leading search engine company had complained , said Google on Friday on his website with . The companies argued that their offers at over Search Google systematically appeared far down and drying the less users. Among the companies who felt unfairly treated , were Founder, TradeComet and myTriggers . The prosecutor confirmed the investigation, but gave no details. If the EU Commission runs a similar investigation.

Google was not aware of any debt , house lawyer Don Harrison was on Friday a company blog. know The ranking of sites is directed simply to their importance . Harrison showed the compounds of the companies that have complained to Microsoft .

Microsoft is the latest since the alliance with Yahoo the strongest rival of Google in the lucrative search-engine business. And in computer operating systems , office software , Internet browsers and the booming smartphone to compete , the two technology heavyweights . This ensures time and again to crash.

Google was lately especially clashed with governments , including the German . Point of contention was the Street View project, which Google photographed for its map service whole streets . On top had Google Camera car caught also data from free-to – computer wireless networks and stored.