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Guttenberg based Kohler economic war rhetoric


HB BERLIN. The economic interests of Germany must be secured militarily in the view of Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. The context of regional security and U.S. economic interests must be addressed openly and without jamming, the CSU ministers on Tuesday called for the Berlin security conference. This was done by the then Federal President Horst Köhler and had been heavily criticized. He was still wondering what so daring at the Kohler’s statement said Guttenberg. SPD and Greens responded with sharp criticism.

Kohler had said after a trip to Afghanistan in May, doubts could also be necessary military force to protect German interests, such as on free trade routes. Then he was accused to have interpreted the mandate of the Afghan parliament again. The authorization of the Parliament of the application on the basis of a mandate of the United Nations with the stabilization of the region is well founded.

Koehler presented himself clear later that it related to other operations, such as against pirates. After the intense criticism of him Koehler had resigned.

"The needs of the rising powers of raw materials continues to rise and thereby enters into competition with our needs," said Guttenberg. This could lead to new crises. The shortage of raw materials affecting the economic welfare of Germany. "There are questions also to our security that are of strategic importance." He also pointed to piracy as a threat to the global and hence the German trade.

SPD Group CEO Thomas Oppermann Guttenberg warned against trying to reinterpret the defense mission of the armed forces in an offensive intervention order for the enforcement of German economic interests. " The Basic Law does not permit the economic war, Oppenheimer said the "daily". The Green Party defense expert Omnid Nouripour said: "Guttenberg must check whether his focus just as Secretary of Defense is the responsibility of his office.