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Hochtief defends itself against hostile takeover


Hochtief-Chef Lütkestratkötter: "Eine unangenehme Überraschung" Quelle: ap

Hochtief chief Lütkestratkötter : " An unpleasant surprise "Source: AP

HB BERLIN. "We have a lot of interesting opportunities, " said Hochtief CEO Herbert Lütkestratkötter the newspaper " Die Welt " , according to a preliminary report. "If there is time , we will act accordingly. "

wanted to Until then, prepare his defense team on, "said Lütkestratkötter. Hochtief had with the Swiss Credit Suisse, the U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs and the law firm Hengeler Mueller has already taken some of the best consultants in the house.

He do not expect that Hochtief soon a Spanish company is . "We are working intensely to ensure Hochtief its independence retains , "said Lütkestratkötter.

The CEO was disappointed personally by the actions of the Spanish competitor . " to be attacked , it ‘s been a disagreeable surprise, suddenly from their partner, " said Lütkestratkötter. ACS did not even deemed it necessary to Hochtief to inform . "The need to introduce yourself again, we first had to in Spain call to find any, that the rumors are true, " he said.

ACS wants to German rival take over by stock exchange and has eight of its own shares for every five HochtiefPapers. The Spanish construction company is already the largest shareholder of Hochtief and holds nearly 30 percent of the shares of established companies.