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Hochtief is struggling with large projects


Bauarbeiten an der Elbphilharmonie. Aus einer kompletten Übergabe 
wird wahrscheinlich nichts. Quelle: dpa

Construction work on the Elbe Philharmonic. For a complete handover is probably nothing. Source: Reuters

DUSSELDORF / COLOGNE. The major projects in Germany to bring the construction group Hochtief in need, the delayed completion of the new headquarters of the television shows RTL Group in Cologne for the Essen group as a million grave. As the Handelsblatt has learned from interested parties, has Hochtief paid about 15 million euros damages to the television subsidiary of Bertelsmann. Paid "per day Hochtief 40 000 Euro penalty, "said a Cologne insider. Hochtief the amount of the payments did not comment on request. "We express our principle not to contractual details," said a company spokesman.

RTL has now been taken over the building. The television company is now attempting to in-house with Hochtief-Complete sub-contractors of the broadcaster RTL, Vox, Super RTL and N-TV. "We have taken over the building with a huge list of defects. That was the only way out," it says in RTL circuits. "Now we only want to be ready."

Originally, the RTL, Vox, Super RTL and N should consider television as early as April 2008 in the ancient halls of the Cologne fair in the suburb of Deutz. Always new delays frustrated the plans. At this stage the channel to move with their 2 150 employees by year end, confirmed a spokesman for RTL. RTL has bought the club in the unfinished halls of the old Cologne Exhibition expensive television, waiting for a long time to be used for. "We have been waiting two years for the move, while our technique based on the old Channel whistles in the Aachen road from the last hole," said an RTL-manager, on Hochtief is difficult to speak. For the transmitter, the new studio will also bring financial benefits. With the digital TV technology can produce the RTL their items cheaper and thus save many millions of euros within a year.

From the perspective of Hochtief this raises the difficult situation in Cologne dar. "reason for the delay are fundamental re-planning of this project during the construction phase, the complex building services of such a television contract and the constellation," said a company spokesman. The contracting authority is Esch Gebr Wohnbaugesellschaft been mbH. The Eschfonds took over the building and leased it to the savings bank subsidiary Rhein-Estate. RTL is therefore sub-tenant of the Rhine-Estate. Loud Hochtief Esch had taken over in November 2009, the building and concluded with an agreement to acquire the RTL remedial measures.

The Cologne-based project is not the only site of HochtiefOn which it currently does not exactly work as planned. Also in the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg, there are numerous problems. For years, arguing the city, represented by the project Rege Hamburg mbH, realization and Society Hochtief and the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, at additional cost and time schedules for the spectacular concert hall. Actually, the construction should be passed on an old wharf in the harbor of Hamburg store already this year. Then the deadline was extended until the end of November 2011.

But for a full handover is probably nothing. Apparently, only the private part of the project, such as hotels, restaurants and condominiums can be finished on time. "Since the project was rescheduled several times since the contract fully and till date there is not even a shared static for the great concert hall is to assume that this will delay the completion of the large concert hall by a maximum of one years," said a company spokesman. Also notified Hochtief additional costs due to rescheduling of 22.4 million euros. To which they would have to significantly increase to EUR 323 million increase in construction costs again. Makes for higher costs and the delay Hochtief the builder is responsible, because the’ve adjusted due to the complexity of structure his plans again and again.

The client, Rege Hamburg, as reflected in the allegation did not fall. "The plans were by ourselves and the general planning in late 2009 concluded," says her manager Heribert Leutner. However, should Hochtief extensive planning to provide their own. The resulting as a "disturbance alleged delays by Hochtief self-inflicted ".

Now both sides have agreed to talk about the various positions on the dispute. The talks are to begin soon. They should clarify who is to blame, that the construction is more expensive and takes longer. Until then, it remains true that the authorities consider that "the time of Elbe Philharmonic Hall Hochtief is passed, "said authority spokesman Karl Olaf Petters.

However, it should remain with the delay and Hochtief be held responsible for threatening the construction group after 30 November, a penalty per day of delay of 200 000. That could grow to a total sum of 24 million euros. This is the maximum amount that Hochtief according to the contract would have to pay. The construction company would not comment on the penalty amount. A spokesman said only: "At the fines by Hochtief it will not come, because we are not responsible for the delays in the construction of the large concert hall. "