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Home Depot makes flat crisis behind him


Home-Depot-Kunde in den USA. Quelle: ap

Home Depot customer in the U.S.. Source: AP

HB ATLANTA. Sales increased year on year by 4.3 percent to 16.9 billion dollars, the company attributed in part on the demand for seasonal goods such as garden accessories. Also good sales energy saving devices. The pre-IPO share price developed positively.

CEO Frank Blake thanked for the "solid result" explicitly in its employees and emphasized that even the customer service year after year improves further. Home Depot is notorious for it’s pretty difficult to find in the gigantic stores a clerk who can help on issues.

The DIY chain was during the housing crisis come under heavy pressure and had a sharp austerity driven. But by 2009 she could zurückarbeiten in the black. In the current fiscal year will Home Depot turnover now around 3.5 percent and raise the earnings per share (EPS) to 1.88 dollars. In February, the Group had set a lower growth in prospect.

The strong figures raise hopes that even the heavily battered real estate sector slowly recovers. At least, Americans seem to be back ready to invest in their homes. The beautiful weather this spring has also inspired many Americans to gardening.