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How SMEs can use Google properly


Die Branche der Suchmaschinenoptimierer ist in Bewegung. Quelle: dpa

The industry of search engine optimizer is in motion. Source: AP

HAMBURG. Who does not know what a "Black Hat SEO" or "Keyword Effectiveness Index" should inform themselves about search engine optimization (SEO). This is namely, as in sport, at speed, endurance, and responsiveness. It rings but not muscular athletes for glory and medals. The Champions are here understanders search engines and their food is special software with which they manage a company in Google to lift the first places. These experts are called search engine optimizer. Your industry is growing rapidly. But in 2009 continued to SEO provider with services and software in Germany about 150 million euros, estimates Joepen Horst, manager of the SEO software company Searchmetrics in Berlin.

The industry is growing: The market is fragmented and confusing to outsiders, said Philip von Stuelpnagel, SEO expert by the Federal Association of Digital Economy (BVDW). "The number of providers has increased enormously over the past three years." The reason: "Many SEO Freelancer call themselves SEO agency" explains Stuelpnagel, who is also CEO of Agency Specialty SUMO. Moreover, many small and large advertising agencies SEO would include in their catalog of services – not always with professional background. The industry is divided into agencies that offer search engine optimization as a service, and developers of b-to-b special software.

Everything revolves around the question: how search engines work and how I use it for my company? "They are constantly evolving," said Joepen. "And they rate it differently in each country." Therefore, the online marketing professionals to remain constantly on the ball. "We need to know which keywords for certain business sectors in which countries are taking key positions." For example, the website gets a lot more visitors over medium Gurtförderbandherstellers Google When there used to be the key words "conveyor belts and transport systems. This is referred to the case of a higher search volume. Another example: The search term "mobile phone" is on the websites abroad completely useless, since only the term "Mobile Phone" are in place. And the doctor in Germany should reach its online presence at a number of disease colloquial terms such as "flu" or "stomach ache".

In Search Metrics in Berlin take care of now 60 people about the behavior of the network giants Google observed in advising companies and program mainly software. These tools watch tens of millions of keywords and domain data. This is also about to find out how Google Pictures and videos, the techniques of assessment portals and content of blogs and networks assessed. Joepen: "Especially important is the quality of the links that point to a website." Similar to the experts at work Searchmetrics SISTRIX, providing only software. The company is one of the SUMO competition. Here we have specialized in SEO consulting, and SUMO uses as a partner of Search Metrics also their SEO software.

The highlight of Search Metrics: "Transparency is our top priority," said Joepen. "We want to operate not a secret, but offer clients and agencies to help themselves." An example of how this works: A traffic light system reveals the results of a site analysis. Red dots denounce deficits, yellow spots warn of vulnerabilities and green dots highlight the strengths of the online presentation. Thus, the marketing expert, a small and medium-sized company can see at a glance where he must act. "The need for SEO is growing with the increasing importance of the Internet in our everyday lives," says Joepen. At the same time, the industry complains about a lack of qualified staff. Joepen and its competitors also warn against black sheep. The mean in the jargon as "Black Hat". This Arne Flick, who can, with its special agency Rio North Webdesign and SEO offers for online stores: "He who knows not, a Black Hat go to the glue and einhandeln much trouble." A penalty of Google In which a site is banned for the last spots, an online store can cost thousands of euros every day. "Therefore no one should be on your own web search providers, but advice from experts can be" encouraged Flick.

Conclusion: "Google is changing its criteria, and every day," says Flick. "Whoever wants to achieve good results in the optimization, must keep up with this pace. SEO professionals have just as quickly and as competently as Google be. "software such as that of Searchmetrics it the tool of the experts. Ironically, it was frequently the large companies that respond to the development of the Internet slow and lose market share to smaller, faster competitors. criterion in selecting a service provider should be verifiable his references and realistic goals. Flick: "No one creates a web page in a short time Google quite high to get out. SEO is a craft that takes time and care. "