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HRE can now stand on its own


HB MUNICH . Hypo Real Estate will do without an additional external liquidity support for the core business of the HRE , Manuela Better , said in an investor conference . The manager described the founding of the Settlement Fund ( "Bad Bank " ) named FMS value management as a milestone in the realignment of the Hypo Real Estate Bank with its core German mortgage bank.

In the FMS the HRE had in recent days risk assets and operations which are no longer part of corporate strategy, the extent of outsourcing of 173 billion € and be catching up to a clearance . The scheme guarantees of bank rescue fund Soffin were rapidly increased by 40 billion to 140 billion € . The HRE is the last year fully state owned. When the bank can be re- privatized , is open. The next time this is not in sight after presentation by Chief Financial Officer Alexander von Uslar.