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Investors tremble before the labor


HB NEW YORK. Exxon Mobile on Monday delivered the first of the big energy companies an insight into the situation of the industry. The company expects earnings per share of $ 1.19. With the U.S. parcel service United Parcel Service followed by a second company, considered a barometer for the economy. Earlier this month, UPS already its profit forecast to 73 cents a NAV per share increased.

In addition to economic data, company figures placed in the focus of investors. On Friday, the unemployment figures for January are released. Analysts expect that 5 000 new jobs were created. A negative surprise, as the December figures could move the market significantly. Up to now there is no sign that the situation on the labor market move in the direction that the aim would be, "said economist Jonathan Corpina of Meridian Equity Partners. On Wednesday is already the ADPLabor market report submitted.

In the last week, market players looked to have obtained the Standard & Poor’s index. He fell in January by 3.7 percent. Investors are worried that Greece’s debt could jeopardize the economic development in the euro zone. The positive quarterly reports on the stock exchanges have not been reflected in the form of profits. So far about 500 companies have released their financial numbers. More than two thirds of the companies here have exceeded market expectations. They are significantly more than in the past two quarters.

The past week from the U.S. stock markets closed with losses. The Dow Jones index of the default values tended 1.1 percent lower at 10 067 meters. The broader S & P was up from 1.7 percent to 1 073 posts. The index of technology exchange Nasdaq lost 2.6 percent to 2 147 points.