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"Leatherstocking" star – Hellmut Lange actor died


Hellmut Lange: Als Narbengesicht während der Dreharbeiten zu "Salto Mortale"

He was one of the major television stars of the sixties and seventies, played in many series and gave the "Leatherstocking Tales". Now the actor and presenter Hellmut Lange at the age of 87 years died.

Hamburg / Berlin – He was the hero of many children’s rooms: Hellmut Lange grub as Deerslayer, Leatherstocking ZDF four-part film "The Leather Stocking Tales" from 1969 to the memory of many young people as "the toughest man in the West German screen" field. On 13 Hellmut Lange died in Berlin in January after a long illness, his wife Ingrid said on Monday. On 19 January, the Berlin-born actor was 88 years old now.

Even as a child made Hellmut Lange first acting experience at the Berlin Radio. From 1946 to 1948 he attended acting school in Hanover, had his first engagement at the Youth Theatre in Munich and Stuttgart. Before he became known to a wider audience as a television actor, he worked from 1953 to 1960 as director and spokesman for radio by Radio Bremen. While working there, and later he borrowed many famous actors with distinctive voices, among other things, he said in 1990 film "Mr. & Mrs. Bridge" Paul Newman.

His first major television role was in 1960 in Long "Forest Home Road 20", the first feature-length film on German television. In the same year he starred in Francis Durbridge thriller miniseries "The Scarf", and in 1965 he was convincing in the James Bond spoof "Serenade for Two Spies" by Michael Pfleger as a comedian.

In addition to his role as Deerslayer he remained but the audience as a scar-faced, battered by crises of his art shooter mixing in the circus series "somersault" (1968) forgotten.

Since 1969, Lange also host of the television quiz series was "Do you know movies?". Originally intended only as a guest host, he hosted the show a total of ten years.

To long time it had become quiet since the eighties, his 70th Birthday he celebrated in Cape Town during the filming for the series "The Clove King." The last TV appearance was at age 73 in the Sat.1-Film "Ferry to Death" – it was his first and only collaboration with a private channel.