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Totenkopf: Faerber stellt auf der Biennale die Brosche aus Koralle und Diamanten aus.

Squirrel : Faerber exhibits at the Biennale the brooch from coral and diamonds.

PARIS. Whether it is a change of taste , a neo-pop trend , or only the rose- colored glasses for lightening the mood krisenbedrückten remains open : In any case, you can see on the 25th Paris Biennale for antiques and jewelry (up to 22.9. ) the world in rose pink. Invitations for the VIP opening , catalog , Web site, even the opening – biscuits and snacks , as well as the rose arrangements decorated in pink – pink.

Various crises reduced the duration of the Biennale des Antiquaires " of eleven days in 2008 to eight . Only three evenings it is accessible to 23 clock , or the antiques fair already includes a 20 clock . The number of exhibitors has decreased remain : from 94 in 2008 87 galleries. In the foreign investment with only 24 gallery owners is far too low. But the organizers of the Antiques Association follow the official French xenophobia and privilege the French. For the gala dinner, where we see the best customers , acquire the outstanding pieces, only French journalists have been loaded.

Allegedly saw several major Chinese buyers, which did at the China specialist Christian Deydier , Paris, high-profile acquisitions. Even some Russians , one hears , as well as many U.S. collectors and curators had come. The level of the supply of many stands is far below the usual level. More likely it stand out some fair participants who have a luxury concept zurechtgelegt .

Others hire a colleague in Paris . Neuse , Bremen shows expected at Aveline Jean -Marie Rossi, a wedding cup of silver gilt and rock crystal , for which he proudly € 3 million . The brothers were ball from set designer Pier Luigi Pizzi a stupendous dome à la Pantheon in the court of her town house building , where they present art of the Renaissance.

The Kraemer stage the Oval Office

Comparable effort to push the Antiques Biennial , the only Parisian antique dealer Kraemer. For they staged their objects from the 18th Century in the reconstructed " Oval Office "of the U.S. president. A music of David Roentgen furniture is well in this atmosphere of power and sense of style as the one attributed to cabinetmakers Jacques Pierre Latz grandfather clock.

Furniture of the 18th Century and crafts are also found in League, Perrin , Aaron and Steinitz (all Paris). The young dealer Christophe Huchet de Quénetain offers in the new section " Tremplin / Springboard " an eye-catcher. He allowed two Roman , carved and gilded rococo armchairs, designed by Antonio Asprucci and Antonio Landucci realized in 1770 , from fashion designer Alexis Mabille relate with closely packed , blue -green- blue ribbon ( per 220 000 € ).

The trend towards the art of the 19th Century, already taking shape in recent years comes the impressive progress of Michel -Guy Chadelaud , Paris, fully realized. A pair of allegorical sculpture busts of Charles Cordier ( around 1865 ) is the "Spring" and the " summer " dar. Made from gold plated and silver plated bronze and complemented by a drapery of marble onyx, the attractive pair costs 1.8 million euros.

Biennale President Hervé Aaron is visibly on the taste one of the Russians and Arabs. E.g. designed with a Gueridon ( round table ), Domenico and Antonio Giobbe to 1860 for the workshop of Antonio Salviati in Murano. The gorgeous pink glittering mosaic panel was created by expensive glass and gold processing. That explains a price of 320 000 € . The far less spectacular pink rococo bench after the drawings by John -Michael Hoppe II Haupt ( 1750 ) costs 300 000 € .

Also design and modern art can be found

The results represented by several art-deco- sector specialists again Cheska Valois , Paris, with a Jean Dunand stand aside The antiquarians Bernard and Stéphane Clavreuil ( Librairie Thomas- Scheler) demand € 15 million for a collection of first editions of atlases, Maps and geographical discoveries.

Old Master expert Konrad O. Bernheimer , Munich , transported a large size of 1861 in Paris , which describes the Venetian carnival Antonio Boldini (750 000 € ). Classical , modern and contemporary painting are also well represented at the biennial . Topgemälden not always , but until the price range of € 10 million . Overall, the Standaufteilung followed by 80 art galleries and seven Topjuwelieren clean lines. All stalls are decorated.