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Mail order for 2010 thanks to E -Commerce optimistic


2010-07-06_MitarbeiterVersandhandel_ddp HAMBURG ( Dow Jones) – German mail order and online trading is due to continued rising e -commerce sales in the current year of further growth of the industry . ( Reuters photo 🙂

Based on the data collected by TNS Infratest representative consumer study "distance trade in Germany "expects the Federal Association of German Mail Order ( bvh ) , an increase of total industry revenue by 2.7 % to 29.9 billion EUR.
This showed the bvh optimistic on Tuesday at the annual press conference in Hamburg than in early February , as was predicted a rise of 2%. 2009 , sales had increased by 1.7 %. Thus, the industry performed better than the traditional retail business, which starts this year of stagnant sales.
" The forecast shows that neither the financial and economic crisis or the bankruptcy of the mail order sources have a negative impact on the industry, " said the acting president since June bvh Thomas Lipke . The source of revenue of approximately EUR 2 billion was not drained from the industry, but have spread to other shippers.
The current forecast for the percentage of mail order retailing is growing at 7.6 % ( previous year : 7.4 %). The online trade in goods is expected to increase by 15 % to 17.8 (15.5 ) billion EUR. For the industry is generating 59.5% (53.3 %) of their product sales in the Internet.
The triumph of the Internet provides Lipke unbroken. The Web will be the most popular order method in 2010 and is expected to be 71% of all mail clients used. They are 10% more than in 2009. In second place is the telephone order at 19 %. Letter or postcard are cut off at 5 %. The printed catalog is still an important medium . 68% of all Internet customers use it for product information.
New technologies will in the opinion Lipke ‘s e-commerce to drive on. As an example, the bvh – President of the rapid spread of smartphones . But new forms of shopping on the Internet, such as platforms or Grouponing online shopping clubs would do the shopping on the Web and more popular. Even social media channels like Facebook, Flickr or Twitter would be tested by shippers for their suitability as a distribution channel.
Most money is spent remains of clothing, textiles and shoes. Here, the total bvh from a slight increase in sales in the current year. From the World Cup in South Africa will benefit the senders of consumer electronics. Here , the association expects a strong 2010 with sales growth.

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