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Merkel, Bundesbank chief Weber paves the way to the Governing Tip – Wirtschaftwoche


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weber_ddp FRANKFURT (AFX) – Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has one Magazine report says Bundesbank President Axel Weber, the way to the Head of the European Central Bank (ECB) is paved. (Photo: ddp)

Before the informal EU summit on Thursday they had a large majority of the Portugal Vitor Constancio candidate for the post of ECB-backed Vice-President, reported the "Wirtschaftswoche" (Wirtschaftwoche) on Sunday, citing central bank circles. Merkel had for their Staffing support of France.
Thus, the opportunities for Weber’s only competitor would be sink for the ECB top posts, the Italian, Mario Draghi, strong. For now the two top posts in the context of the ECB are one Regionalproporzes always with one representative each from Northern and Southern Europe been filled. For weeks, speculation that the Southerner Draghi is a chance if the post of deputy to the Portuguese Constancio comes.
However, a government spokeswoman pointed on Saturday to demand the agency ddp on the statements made by government spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm on Friday. Accordingly, there is no new progress report. Any discussion of the Succession of ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet was premature.
Officially, the EU finance ministers when they decide Meeting on 15 and 16 February on the occupation of the deputy post. The Decision on the succession of the current ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet is formally is until next year. Cast Vice item is in the opinion of observers, but a Preliminary dar.
According to the FDP on Friday and the CSU chairman Horst Seehofer open to a candidacy by Weber as ECB President pronounced. Weber had been very helpful in a crisis, both nationally and internationally.
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