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Metro standardized IT processes – 90 employees affected


BD-VM-MCC-007-ans FRANKFURT / LONDON ( Dow Jones) – The retail group Metro standardized its IT processes . This is based Metro AG, and for the Cash & Carry is a central CIO unit, told how the group , based in Düsseldorf on Tuesday. (Photo : Metro )

In it , the previous separate structures and functions of information management ( integrated IM ) and Information Technology ( IT). The aim of the restructuring is to simplify the processes and to unite under one roof.
The merger of five previously separate units in IT-/IM-Bereich in the new CIO organization is part of the restructuring program "Shape 2012 ".
The introduction of the new structure was also associated with a reduction of 90 points, Metro reported . For the affected employees is reported to a balance of interests and social plan was adopted. In total, the five IT-/IM-Gesellschaften in Germany, about 1,300 people .

Website: www.metro – group.de

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