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Müller drugstore operator buys Douglas


Douglas-Filiale in Hagen: Drogerie-Unternehmer Müller kauft weiter zu. Quelle: dpa

Douglas Branch in Hagen: Müller drugstore operator buys to grow. Source: AP

HB MUNICH / ULM. "I have my shares increased to 5.2 percent," Mueller said the magazine "Focus". His goal is still in the course of the year to become shareholders in the double digits. Kreke leaned in "Focus" from a miller influence on the operating business. Only last November, the 77-year-old with three percent for the MDax group was entered.

Mueller expects its investment in Douglas continued cost advantages, such as shopping and transportation. The Ulmer Europe has more than 600 pharmacy outlets and holds firmly to its strategy of expansion abroad. In the next few weeks, he acquires the report, a perfumery chain with twelve stores in Austria and also plans to take over an abandoned Douglas – Offices in Mallorca.

For Douglas-holding company based in Hagen, in addition to the eponymous cosmetics chain, including the confectionery retailer Hussel, the Christ jewelry stores, the Thalia bookstores and fashion houses of AppelrathCüpper.