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Mobile Shopping becomes a billion dollar business


DÜSSELDORF. scroll zoom with finger-wiper on the small screen, and order: the end of May, the Hamburg shipping company Otto was among the first to complete their catalog items brought to Apple’s iPad.

Proudly presented itself as Europe’s largest mail order pioneer in mobile shopping, the so-called M-Commerce. This is one in the other since the start of the first Internet-enabled mobile phones, it said in the Hamburg headquarters. And he was eleven years ago.

But the competition is catching up. Vente Privée, a 2001’s in France, founded marketer of remaining stock of the brand industry, the race for the most advanced technology in the lead. The German also opened customer shopping portal, with an annual turnover of 680 million euros, now a heavyweight in the online trading is one of the world’s seventh first users of the new smartphone operating system, Windows Mobile Even Ebay is.

Here, the new Microsoft platform, which will make devices from Samsung, LG and HTC previous top dogs compete Apple and Blackberry, will start officially until today. can access the electronic key ("app") to the virtual stores, the online shoppers from Vente Privée already has the "Windows Marketplace" for free. "The mobile business suits our business model," said marketing director Nicolas Cosson the Handelsblatt. Thanks to the new Mobile-Services Club members could now participate at any time, anywhere in the temporary promotions.

Germany overtook the USA

Even Ebay is already starting with an app on the new Windows Mobile present. Finally, expects the online market place this year to 1.5 billion dollars were sales of mobile applications – for 600 million dollars a year earlier. In Germany, customers purchased products for more than 60 million dollars over the iPhone app – especially for men.

Ebay for mobile shopping has taken over in June, the U.S. company Red Laser. With the technology, the iPhone camera reads the bar codes on product packaging and displays the same corresponding offers on Ebay – a technique that Germany boss presents Stephan customs like. Ebay no longer could expect that users would only have desktop computers, says the manager.

According to Otto blows comeback. "We will soon launch an app for Windows Mobile 7", announces a spokeswoman. Spurred by sales successes, online or mail order as Globetrotter Hennes & Mauritz last achieved on smartphones do not leave now, many traditional retail companies doing business with the "Windows Phone" users miss. After all, the market research firm Gartner, Microsoft’s operating system soon trust a market share of five percent of the total market of smartphones. By comparison, Apple is currently at 15, Blackberry to just under 18 percent.

"Previously we were well ahead of the U.S. 24 months in development," said Christopher Wenk-Fischer, chief executive of the Association of mail order (BVH). "Soon we will overtake them." In the past twelve months, sales have increased significantly over the mobile devices, the observed trade expert. The reason for this are convenient and secure payment method that would be offered recently by the online merchants.

Otto makes before, after all, how can an iPhone "playful" generate new revenue. Those who "Shaker Style" as the app is downloading, can be put together by shaking the device to be complete outfit. The finger-touch screen fixed on the articles are stored in the iPhone, so that the user then they will discuss with his friends – and of course also buy – can.