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More staff for more security


Bahn will für mehr Sicherheit auf dem Gleis sorgen. Quelle: ap

Railway will ensure greater safety on the track. Source: AP

HB BERLIN. A railway spokesman confirmed on Sunday a corresponding report of "Bild am Sonntag newspaper. On Monday, the wanted Train the public to present details.

According to information from the newspaper to own the 3 350 Security forces train to be increased to 150 men. Trained Employees should in future not only used at a railway station be, but nationwide. Approximately 11 000 service personnel, Customer service and safety training should train be better trained.

The concept also see that the 6 500 surveillance cameras in Trains and stations continue to provide more detailed images. A New software should help to suspicious objects and striking Movement of people easier to control monitors . recognize

Every day there are, according to the newspaper at the train about 30 Cases of injury, in about 10 000. The DB Central sign up a total of 000 crimes per year, around 87 – from the Criminal damage by dodging.