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No penalty for loud parrot


dpa Dortmund / Paderborn. "Jokis" whistle goes unpunished: A Paderborn gray parrot owner must now pay it no penalty for any illegal kick their winged pet. This was decided on Thursday the Dortmund district court as a court spokesman said on Friday. Neighbours had complained the woman who lived in the same apartment building, but have since moved out.

The dispute over the powerful-voiced animals began many years ago and employed several courts. In 2007, the district court of Paderborn closed a comparison. It committed itself to the woman, noon and night its 31-year-old favorite not to be based on the balcony and close the window. 500 euros as a penalty were set for each violation.

As a result, the neighbors were among 75 alleged violations: 37 500 euros was to pay the owner now. The district court of Paderborn for the plaintiffs, partly right, 22 500 € was the punishment now. The owner subsequently lodged an appeal at the Regional Court of Dortmund – and got right now.

Also on Thursday when it was still no verdict – in the hearing, the chairman had hinted judge that he closed the 2007 for comparison may be immoral holds because the sum of individual sanctions could lead to the ruin of the defendant. The verdict is final, according to the court.

A charter for "Jokis" pipes but not the means: In the lunch time between 13 und 15 Joki clock can not continue on to the balcony, as the owner said.