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Nokia to China for gold mine


Das Smartphone "Nuron" vom finnischen Hersteller Nokia. Quelle: ap

The smartphone "Nuron" by the Finnish manufacturer Nokia. Source: AP

HB HELSINKI. The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has two major orders from China with a total of 1.5 billion euros on land taken. These are two agreements with the distributors and China PTAC Telling Telecommunication each of around 750 million euros, as a spokesman of the Finnish company said Thursday. The volume of business with PTAC was thus in the third year in a row. 2009 it had still amounted to 1.3 billion.

With sales of 6.4 billion euros last year, China Nokia third largest market. However, the company could not increase its sales last year.

The Nokia Shares traded in the afternoon at times about two percent increase.