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Number of chaos in France


Hat große Aufgaben vor sich: Francine Mariani-Ducray, die neue Präsidentin des franzöischen Versteigerungsrates.

Has great tasks before him: Francine Mariani-Ducray, the new President of the Council franzöischen auction.

PARIS. 580 French auctioneers set in 2009 at Paris and the provincial net 2,238,000,000 euros. This was announced by the French Versteigerungsrat, the regulation authority for the auction industry, with just before Easter. In and around Paris, therefore, accounted for 1,220,020,000 euros net of the province a good billion. An exact number was not mentioned. The announced net revenue figures are based on surveys of the auctioneers. A few auctioneers who make little revenue, have not responded. Therefore, could the real total at around 3 to 4 million higher. This had the new President of the Council of auction, Francine Mariani-Ducray, admit at a press conference with harsh debates. Net, ie without the usual premiums and commissions, improved the French Auctioneer in relation to the year 2008 by 9.6 percent.

Unaudited net figures say little of

Violent and legitimate attacks saw the twelve-man because he exposed Versteigerungsrat with – neither tax nor the commercial court examined – only on faith-based net economic aggregates no clear picture of the French auction system presented as an economic factor. Difficult to be surpassed with boldness, the Council invited the journalists to calculate the lack of gross profits and the auctioneer for about 3,000 auctions a year itself. For the Council, announced revenues are partly far below those that are individually notified of the press in late 2009.

Exaggerated figures for the press?

As the auctioneer must give a percentage of their net income to the Versteigerungsrat, one could derive from the divergence, it was called from above. Artcurial was e.g. the media a gross turnover of 80.5 million euros announced the Versteigerungsrat but only 55.3 million euros in net. Tajan published 36 million euros to the media, declared, however, only 24.7 million in net Versteigerungsrat. Pierre Bergé & Associés sat around for the media in Paris 22.6 million euro, net for the Versteigerungsrat 16.7 million euros. As gross revenue of the Paris auctioneers Handelsblatt had calculated in 2009 and 1,076,300,000 Euro reported. The staggered the 12 to 25 percent premium ends with a. Judging by the number of embarrassing confusion must be said that either the press exaggerated figures will be communicated or that shrink the numbers, if this state fees must be paid. Probably take two hypotheses.

Strong used car market

The statistics of the auction Council have a ranking that the eleven auctioneer of cars and commercial vehicles, as well as a specialist on race horses, ranks among the twenty top-selling auction houses. Supposedly, the French used car sector is flourishing because it is a lively trade between Germany and France. For the German rules are much stricter than those of the south-western neighbor. In the sector of the art market, the only one that can be numerically compared internationally, the calculated Versteigerungsrat for Paris and its surroundings (145 auctioneers in 124 companies) 1,220,020,000 euros net. This would account for 63.3 percent of the 1437 French art and furniture auctions last year, meaning an increase of 37.7 percent of the hammer prices relative to 2008.

In international comparison, otherwise only China lay with a sales increase of 28.7 percent and New Zealand with an increase of 27.8 percent in the positive range of numbers. The United States recorded a loss of minus 55.4 percent, even England minus 63.3 percent. These figures assumed by the Versteigerungsrat Artprice.com. In June 2010, the Versteigerungsrat publish its printed annual report. Hopefully, the high government official at its head to enforce the necessary corrections.