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Online letter arrives mid-year


Die Post bringt den Online-Brief Mitte 2010. Quelle: ap

The Post brings the online letter mid-2010. Source: AP

HB BONN / DÜSSELDORF. The exact price of the new offers would not comment on a post spokesman on Saturday: "This is what we do then to market, and we do not participate in speculation," he said. The spokesman was responding to a contribution of "Wirtschaftswoche. Accordingly, the pure e-letter will cost 22 cents.

In mid-January, the Post had already reported that the messenger of previously discharged and sent in online letter will cost 46 cents and will come in the spring on the market. A conventional standard letter costs 55 cents. An application for approval with the Federal Network Agency has been submitted. The Network Agency must decide on the pricing proposal submitted by post to the end of February. According to post-application will also cost a Kompaktbrief 73 cents (compared to 90 cents) and a Großbrief EUR 1.19 (compared with 1.45 euros).