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Opel chief Hans Demant resigns


Opel chief Hans Demant has today resigned, but remains at the Battle of parent company General Motors (GM). He stood since 2004 at the head of Opel. In his new role as vice president he will watch over the intellectual property of GM. The

automaker wants a new CEO with the crisis behind them. In all likelihood the European GM CEO Nick Reilly follow the 59-year-old German.

In late January Reilly also wants to submit his reorganization plan for Opel, with 9000 jobs would disappear. Reilly’s plan, the basis for negotiations on state aid. GM has estimated that 3.3 billion euros for the restructuring needs, which hopes to collect 2.7 billion in the countries with Opel factories. A further 265 million euros the automaker hopes to find staff. The unions are willing to talk about.
Meanwhile there is still no clarity on the fate of the Antwerp plant, which is threatened with closing. Preliminary Opel Astra’s still running the old model of the band, but there are no concrete plans for a different model. 2,600 people working in Antwerp. (belga / sam)