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Opel countries concentrate on examining their own aid


2009-12-04 Adam Opel Haus_08 - (c) Anders BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The states with Opel sites expressed their disappointment over the conversation Chancellor Angela Merkel shown in on the action Opel has been advised. The countries will now focus on aid focus, the Opel they themselves can provide. (Photo: Anders)

The Rhineland-Palatinate Premier Kurt Beck showed After the meeting on Thursday in Berlin "bitterly disappointed". His  Hope for a federal aid contribution is very small. These have he "can see almost no movement," said Beck.
North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Juergen Ruettgers said, the circle of the Prime Minister had been agreed to, that it was still necessary to help the company. The Prime Minister stood the Company available for conversations.  The aim of Opel’s provinces except that no closed locations would.
Hesse Premier Roland Koch, General Motors on this, to seek dialogue with countries. "It is only now once a decision by General Motors and Opel, the paths to us  "Look," said Koch. The country would offer to any guarantees, but examined guarantee applications. "But we have very clearly said, we are willing to talk, "he said." The procedure, as it now Germany has been applied for the fund, with this decision over, "Koch also stressed. All four countries would jointly . Proceed
To a possible total amount of the guarantee would be cooking not comment. "Now we want to know what in these Constellations General Motors says, "he said. Also a possible Time frame would depend on how General Motors is actually new to the Setting the situation, stressed Rüttgers. "We are now available for Available, "he said. Rüttgers emphasized Federal Minister Rainer  Brüderle have his readiness for talks with the Opel line shown.

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