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Opel’s supervisory board warns of state assistance


2010-01-31_opel_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – The plans of General Motors (GM) for the rehabilitation of Opel should According to the IG Metall union not supported with tax money will. "For these plans there shall be no state assistance," said Opel Supervisory Armin Schild of the newspaper Tagesspiegel am Sonntag newspaper. (Photo: ddp)

"The recent GM’s plan is worse than anything presented Magna had, "added the head of IG Metall district of Frankfurt. Apart the "excessive downsizing" shield especially criticized the lack of  Future investments in new drives and new markets.
The plan of only two years into the future – at least five were common in the auto industry. After the closure of the Antwerp’s work suspended, negotiations between employees and GM are an alarm signal for the trade unionists. "Less solution was Never at Opel, "said Schild." The company is in a dramatic The situation. "The threat of bankruptcy was not averted.
GM of the federal government wants to end next week Restoration plan for the Adam Opel GmbH present. "The plan is ready," Opel said CEO Nick Reilly Dow Jones Newswires Friday on the edge of an event in Frankfurt. Here I should find a Eisenach plant closure is not for debate, Reilly said. In Media reports had speculated in recent days that the  Site could be closed if the Opel employees not to  Concessions are available.

A major remaining hurdle should the negotiations with employees on the required restructuring contributions of 265 million EUR per annum. The negotiations with the Opel works council were still  at a very early stage, "said Reilly on Friday.

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