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"Outcome Fortis meeting invalid"


The general meeting of the Fortis holding of April 28, 2009 in Ghent, which put the green light for the sale of Fortis Bank to BNP

Paribas, was invalid. Until that decision comes after an attorney Mischaël Modrikamen thorough examination of the documents of the meeting. He concludes that in Ghent nearly 364 million Fortis shares were not validly represented.

Fortis strongly refutes the allegations, writing De Tijd and L’Echo.
All documents
Modrikamen argued before the meeting that was associated with irregularities. A sample,

after it, in the presence of the valid documents that the largest shareholder to show he also mentioned this. To support its contention early and received Modrikamen of the commercial court that all documents for the Fortis shareholders with more than 500,000 pieces would submit. That happened one weeks ago.
Fortis Carefree
Modrikamen and his team went last week with the fine comb through the documents. Their conclusion is that in order not to nearly 364 million shares, or what the certificate for the blocking of shares, or the proxy, or both.
Fortis has already worry. According to Eric Pottier of the firm Linklaters, the lawyer for the holding, there was no irregularity and the action under the provisions of Fortis.