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OUTLOOK-US telecommunications companies to benefit from data services


By Nathan Becker

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones) – After more phone calls with no Growth is seen to put U.S. telecom companies increased mobile data services. To what extent did they have to succeed likely to reflect Viertquartalszahlen. In the race for the customer operator to push the sale of so-called smartphones. At the same time they try themselves against the growing competition from Pre-paid mobile services providers such as MetroPCS set to fight back. In the classical Telephone business, the company continues to see declining Landline connections and customer numbers compared.

Verizon Communications Inc, their numbers, 26 January wants to submit, should the fourth quarter with earnings per share of Have completed U.S. $ 0.56. The revenue estimate from Thomson Reuters poll of analysts at 27.32 billion U.S. dollars. This time last year had the Companies had earned $ 0.43 per share, is included Special charges of $ 0.18. Implemented were 24.65 billion USD. For Mobile phone subsidiary Verizon Wireless CEO Ivan Seidenberg was recently confident. The joint venture of Verizon and Vodafone have well ended the year and in the fourth quarter is likely to net more than one million Won new customers, had announced the manager. Fixed-line The Group continues to build off places. He also wants the FiOS service, TV over a fiber optic cable to expand.

Two days after Verizon, on 28 January following competitors AT & T Inc, with its figures. Here, too, observers see an increase in Earnings, on $ 0.51 per share, on sales of 30.85 (previous year: 31.08) billion USD. This time last year were the result of $ 0.41 per share charges contain from 0.23 USD. AT & T found itself last massive criticism of its iPhone customers because of reception problems in big cities like San Francisco and New York suspended. The Group has in the opinion of Observers invest more in its network, he wants a "Exodus" prevent its iPhone customers after Google recently took over the Nexus-One smart-phone has brought to market, and the clock for an exclusive AT & T and Apple is ticking for the iPhone.


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