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Overview of the evening – Companies – 17 September 2010


RWE threatens to in 2011 collapse in earnings of 1.5 billion EUR – WAZ
The energy group RWE is a newspaper report that must in the coming year revise its earnings forecasts sharply downwards . As reported in the newspapers of the WAZ Group , citing the environment of the RWE Board of Directors, the DAX Group currently expects for 2011 a reduction of profits by about EUR 1.5 billion . The reason for this are permanently lower electricity sales and new pressures from the nuclear compromise with the federal government. "The EUR 1.5 billion is a speculation , we do not comment , "a spokesman for RWE AG said this on request.

Hochtief : Must understand ACS offers as an unfriendly
The Executive Board of Hochtief AG advises further discuss the takeover offer of the Spanish major shareholder ACS. " We sit together with our consultants and discuss all aspects of this for us new situation , "said a spokesman for the company . When asked whether high- low the offer for " unfriendly " believe , "the spokesman said: " Yes , we must understand that. "
MAN: No change in ownership structure in cooperation with Scania / VW
The commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN does not want to change the ownership structure in the course of the planned cooperation with Volkswagen and Scania. It was a consensual oral agreement on cooperation was made, an extension of the respective interests is this but not an issue , said the CEO of the commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN, Georg Pachta – Reyhofen, in an investor presentation.
ACS : Are high low – offer does not change
The Spanish Hochtief major shareholder ACS has stated his willingness to talk . " will The offer not change , however, " Corporate General Manager Angel Garcia Altozano said during a conference call. previously Hochtief had said that one should interpret the offer as " unfriendly " . Altozano repeated again the friendly intention of ACS. Hochtief could consider the offer as unfriendly, because the offer had not been negotiated , argued the manager. This is not for legal reasons have been possible , because you the negotiations would have had to make public .
MAN raises sales target for Latin America
The business of the commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN is booming in South America: Between January and August, where 44 800 trucks and buses were sold , an increase of 54 %, as the DAX Group announced on Friday. For the full year the MAN SE included in Latainamerika now sold with at least 60,000 commercial vehicles. So far the group had targeted more than 50,000 sales. 2009, were April to December almost 36,000 vehicles.
and Opel cooperate further in the Van
The GM subsidiary Opel and the French car manufacturer Renault to renew their partnership to build the Van Opel Vivaro and Renault Traffic . It should, however, still many aspects to be negotiated , said the Renault SA. At this stage, were mentioned therefore , no details , neither the vehicles nor to investments or business agreements.
ArcelorMittal reaffirms EBITDA forecast for the third quarter
The world’s largest steel producer ArcelorMittal has confirmed its forecast for the third quarter. The Group therefore unchanged, earnings before interest, taxes , depreciation and amortization (EBITDA ) of between 2.1 billion and $ 2.5 billion to achieve. This result spread had been , the Luxembourg ArcelorMittal SA for the first time on presentation of their semi-annual balance sheet in July in view.
Petrobras increased over-allotment option in capital still
The Brazilian oil company Petrobras has increased its already huge capital again. The over-allotment option was increased to 20 % from previously 10% of the bid , said the Petrobras Petróleo Brasileiro SA. Based on the closing price on Thursday, the company with the rights issue would thus save at full exercise of the over-allotment option, approximately 75 billion USD. The price of the initial offer of 3.75 billion shares to 23 September take place . Additional shares would then be issued at the same price, if demand exists .

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