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Pfleiderer 2010 only wants to invest in maintenance


MUNICH (Dow Jones) – The Wood Processors in Pfleiderer Final quarter of 2009, significant declines in sales and earnings suffered, and now wants his investment back. In the current Year will the investment in the maintenance of facilities be limited, said the company on Friday to Neumarkter a press conference in Munich. 60 wants to EUR 70 million of MDAX-listed company to make sure loose, will in the coming year Investment will be maintained at the level of 2010. 2009 were still 157.7 Million invested.
Receipts in the final quarter to 341.8 (previous year 383) million EUR returns and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) decreased to 12.4 (44) million. Restructuring costs of EUR 17.5 million The wood processor has not yet considered it.
In terms of earnings before interest and taxes suffered Pfleiderer AG a Dip to minus 11.1 (plus 10) million, with restructuring costs and extraordinary depreciation of EUR 24.3 million were not included. That Therefore tax earnings fell, including the EUR 24.3 million in recurring Final quarter to minus 45.2 million euros. "These figures make us all different as proud, "said CEO Hans H. Overdiek on the Press conference.
Until next year, Pfleiderer is expecting an increasing Net profit for 2011 expected to Neumarkter with an after-tax loss. Rising raw material costs will increase by Pfleiderer in the current year Prices to compensate. The mountain of debt at the end of 2009 at 854.2 (635.5) million lay, will over the next four years, from operating cash flow by more be mined as 350 million euros.


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