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Political struggles for solution to illegal Hartz -IV- Sets


Grund für die Reform ist ein Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts vom Februar dieses Jahres.  Quelle: ap

Reason for reform is a constitutional court decision in February of this year. Source: AP

BERLIN. FDP deputy Heinrich Kolb warned of higher cost to the federal budget. "If the new design lead of the Hartz -IV rates of expenditure , the Ministry must make proposals for savings in other areas , "he told the Bild newspaper .

The debate was triggered by reports that the reform could lead to an increase , the rate of currently 359 € up to 400 € . This is consistent with expectations of charities . The chairman of the ParitätischenWohlfahrtsverbandes , Eberhard Jüttner , called in an amount Südwestrundfunk 400-430 € meet demand.

The SPD party deputy and former Labor Minister Olaf Scholz made himself strong for an increase in benefits. "The increase is a result of the rule sets are now available income and consumer sample and the mandatory requirements of the Federal Constitutional Court , " Scholz said the newspaper " Die Welt ". The concrete implementation plans of the Federal Government would soon be on the table: "They are gradually overdue, " said Scholz.

Federal Labour Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU ) was previously hopes to much higher rates of Hartz -IV- challenged . Since the evaluation of the data on income – consumption statistics were not yet connected , had not yet seen the trend , said a spokesman of the Ministry. But he could not yet confirm that " heranreichen the rulesets for adults 400 € or 400 € will be achieved . " The German Institute for Economic Research, thinks it possible that out of the Recalculate "quite similar values as today " .

Reason for reform is a constitutional court decision in February of this year. The Government had been plotted in it until the end of this year, the monthly entitlement of a Hartz -IV receiver on state aid to recalculate. However, the judges criticized not the amount of the payments, but only the method of calculation. Children must also be a greater extent on education and participation into account as the club life. Moreover, the Constitutional Court judges the orientation of the Hartz -IV -phrases criticized the pension increases as inappropriate.

"We will fulfill the mission of the constitutional judges to the letter , " it said in Labour. Thus, planned to cover the needs of the children for the first time separately. Currently, they receive a graduated percentage of the age , the rate for adults. In addition, they should receive in the future " goods and services provided " in the form of education vouchers or chip credit for club fees or attend music school or theater.

In addition, the Hartz -IV- rates are not more like the pension increase, but adjusted annually according to the development of disposable income and the cost of living will . This should mean that the services will increase more in future than in the past. Thus, the reference rate would be today at 375 instead of 359 € at , if he had been raised in the past five years, mirroring the increased cost of living.

Conflicts with the wage gap is to avoid bidding von der Leyen with reform. have " is also in the future, who must work more than the lives of state services , "said her spokesman. Clearly , though, also , that this is because of the instructions from Karlsruhe should not mean that the performance records are corrected artificially depressed .

Problems with the decoupling of upcoming Hartz -IV- expected increases in the pension adjustment of the CSU social affairs Max Straubinger . An increase of the Hartz -IV rates after the inflation level will automatically compensate for inflation , at a debate in the pension being taken, said Straubinger the Passauer Neue Presse.

The CSU deputy calls, therefore , raise the standard rates continue as the pension, but excluding special factors such as attenuation Riester and sustainability factor. A sustainability factor attenuates the pension increase and takes into account the relationship between number of pensioners and contributors.

The pay gap could bid for the reassessment do not matter, it was said at the German Trade Union Confederation. "Everything else would be a breach of the vote of the judges in Karlsruhe , "said Ingo Kolf by DGB Federal Handelsblatt .

However, labor market experts have long pointed out that since the Hartz IV reform the requirement that benefits must always be lower than the lower wages , has long been satisfied by the additional earnings rules. After only their own income with the Hartz -IV- claims will be charged if it exceeds 100 euros a month . Even at higher incomes remains a part of the salary raise eligible .

This means that recipients achieve with income below Hartz -IV- level together with the additional paid – Hartz IV benefits always a higher total income, as Hartz IV, a receiver that does not work. Consequently, should the Hartz -IV- sets, low-wage would also automatically receive higher benefits . The required wage gap would be guaranteed . However, because the Federal Government expenditure rose for the beneficiaries.