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Post and Verdi finish dispute through subsidiary First Mail – World


2010-05-24_deutsche post_logo auf fahrradtasche_ddp BERLIN (Dow Jones) – German mail and the Trade union Verdi have, according to a newspaper report, the dispute over the  Working conditions in the subsidiary First settled Mail. (Photo: ddp)

The Parties would have a comprehensive agreement for trainees completed, reported the daily newspaper "Die Welt" on Monday in advance from its Tuesday edition, and refers to the union.
The subject was explosive, as the Post with the previously small Düsseldorf large company in the business of cheap mail services wanted to enter. The number of trainees from the current 15 to be significantly increased to around 1,000 young people, writes the Sheet. This year, 300 came in 2011 and then further 690 Additional training places. The post office next to it for building their own Letter carrier a second notification letter with more favorable wages on.
2011 have estimated that around half the total of Post Group on terms of first place mail. The rates for these  Employees lie around 12% lower than those in the group. The working However, as was the post office was established at 38.5 hours per week.
"For us this is a very good result," said Andrea Kocsis, Deputy National Chairman in Verdi, the "world". Points such as the Working hours were long remained in dispute, here was the Union enforced.
The Post had confirmed the information, writes the Newspaper. "We are expanding the work of First Mail, but it remains to Nordrhein-Westfalen limited, "said a company spokesman. That is the  "Do not harm normal" post. "We go through the prices of First Mail to jobs in the service approach, which we otherwise do not could get, "said the spokesman. In spring, First Mail an order as a subcontractor of the WAZ media group in Essen obtained.
First mail has, according to "World" last offices in Essen, Duisburg, Dortmund and Hagen opened. Over the coming months 500 delivery for the company letters unsubscribe. They received 9.80 EUR per hour – that was the former Post-wage. In the Post group itself were beginning, the hourly rates at around 11 EUR, and ranged  until about 16 EUR.

The letter had the German Mail Service First Post AG Competitor TNT angry. The company gave in Amsterdam January complaint with the Federal Cartel Office.

Website: www.welt.de
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