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INFINEON – On-chip company’s rebellious shareholders shortly before the finish. Not designated supervisory board chairman Klaus Usurers, but the opponent of the shareholders, Willi Berchtold, the Office will probably take over. The U.S. proxy advisory RiskMetrics is against usurers. (FTD p. 1)
ALLIANCE – The insurance company sees itself in its new Markets back on the right track, but also prepares possible downturns before. To remain CEO Werner Zedelius Eastern European growth region. (Handelsblatt, p. 38)
DAIMLER / BMW – The two premium manufacturers have been trying for May 2008 an approximation. The conversation does not come forward. Car Manager on both sides are afraid that in future, a BMW might look like a Mercedes, interchangeable with many brands and Engineers at both companies are unnecessary. (Süddeutsche Zeitung, p. 17)
PORSCHE – Several U.S. funds have brought against Porsche and its former top executive Wendelin Wiedeking and Holger hardener collected. You want more than 1 billion USD damages for losses . enstrifing The management had repeatedly misled investors and lied to. (Börsen-Zeitung, p. 9)
EUROHYPO – Commerzbank subsidiary focuses on a difficult Year 2010, after the second half of 2009 under high Stress has suffered. Only for 2011 anticipates CEO Frank Pörschke with significant relief. (Börsen-Zeitung, p. 4)
AIRBUS – The dispute over financing the military transport A400M examine Germany instead of extra cash payments providing a state guarantee. Thus EADS subsidiary could add cost loans, and the Federal government would prevent a direct charge of the federal budget. (FTD p. 3)
Nordex – The wind farm starts a chase. Nordex CEO Thomas Richterich wants to quadruple its sales by 2014. This he needs more modern management methods and new products. (Handelsblatt P. 29)
GERMAN TRAIN – The plans of the CDU and FDP, the noise exacerbate that jeopardize the projects Deutsche Bahn. But the announcement of the coalition has to held that spot, the resistance is growing with new projects. Under Attack is about the development between Karlsruhe and Basel. (Handelsblatt P. 2)
BAYERNLB – Gerd Hausler is to be the new head of BayernLB. The Former IMF Managing Director Horst is considered the favorite of Prime Minister Seehofer. (Süddeutsche Zeitung, p. 18)
FLINT – The world’s second largest Flint Ink manufacturers will be placed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The owner CVC has asked the German Bank and Morgan Stanley to the Prepare IPO later this year, states from Financial circles. CVC had a chemical group from three different Company inks formed. (FTD D. 3)
TOLL COLLECT – The Federal Government hopes the dispute over the late introduction of truck tolls on motorways, the amount of damages the operator Toll Collect. But the argument runs out. By 2011, the procedure will probably not be completed, states. (Handelsblatt, p. 10)
TELEKOM AUSTRIA – Eastern Europe is now a largely market has become saturated, also with regard to mobile telephony. However, hopes for Telekom Austria, that there’s business after the end of the crisis revived. This year there will be no further depreciation said the CEO Hannes Ametsreiter. (Handelsblatt, p. 32)
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