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Replacement sought


Herbert Bodner: Für den Vorstandsvorsitzenden wird ein Nachfolger gesucht.

Herbert Bodner : For the CEO is looking for a successor.

DÜSSELDORF. Herbert Bodner shows colorful images of chemical plants, power stations and shopping centers. The 62 -year-old with the unmistakable accent Grazer talks about the transformation of the construction company Bilfinger Berger to service providers. And he demonstrated this with many figures and examples.

But the journalists in Düsseldorf Club this industry really interests bit. They want to hear something completely different: Who will replace Herbert Bodner mid- 2011 as CEO ?

The search threatens to become Germany’s second largest construction group in the cliffhanger . At least since February, the theme floats in space. At that time, Bodner gets into the trouble, is known as the bungling in the construction of the Cologne underground. Bodner is at first not a good figure. Only when the pressure rises , he goes on the offensive. But the image damage for himself and the company he can not turn away .

Supervisory Board Chairman Bernhard Walter is already looking at that time suitable successor candidate for Bodner. But the well-known for his discretion former head of Dresdner Bank makes no names to the outside. Speculation been doing strange flowers. Last weekend, is traded at one time Roland Koch as chief executive . Clear: The next week the outgoing Prime Minister of Singapore is looking for an attractive item in the economy. But the message is just denies it all .

There is currently " five internal and external candidates for the Topjob ", in the context of the construction can be heard. Although names are not mentioned. But coming from the board team questioned two in particular, seem to be appropriate with regard to their age, experience and job profile . One is Klaus rape. He arrived in 1986 after his studies in industrial engineering at Bilfinger Berger. Three years ago the 50 -year-old managed to the board , where he is responsible for the major construction and facility services division .

As a second internal candidate is offering the 49 -year-old Thomas Töpfer. Born in Frankfurt , who studied economics and business , has the advantage that he brings a broad professional experience : He started 1986 in a management consultancy and changes in 1995 , Rheinhold & Mahla , where he is chief executive in 2004 . Since 2009 he has been on the Executive Board of Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Division for the great responsibility .

If the search drags on, Bodner will extend his contract? "The board will in time find a successor , "he says and smiles.